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Stair Railings
We rebuild old Stair Railings, Replace outdated ugly railings, Repair finishes on clear coats Serving the Denver Front Range

Below are pictures of different rail styles. Standard hardwoods are Oak, Maple, Alder, Cherry. One of the hallmarks of a good stair builder are traditional fittings. From a form standpoint nothing bothers me more than a stair constructed without proper parts. Really, It doesn’t cost that much more to do it correctly. We use heavy newel anchors provided there is structure below the newel post. I do not care for longevity of screw systems that rely upon number 10 wood screws to anchor a newel post. I raised six kids and I know what they can do to a handrail system. We use rail bolts on our handrails. No nail guns or corrugated fasteners.

Railing styles

Post to Post
post to post stair rail

Rail over Post
rail over post stair rail

Post to Post with Box Newel with an Easing Fitting

Box Newel with up easing

Post to Post without an Easing ( a 30 dollar fitting would make that look better)
post to post stair rail

Curved Rail With Volute



Late 70s Rail with 2x2s belongs outside on the deck



Rail over Post with Goosenecks